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Rogue Midwifery Care

One distinction unique to Rogue Birth Center LLC is continuity of care.  What does this actually mean to you?  We make a commitment to you when you enter care with your Rogue midwife that she will care for you, all the way through your postpartum period.  You will know who is present at your appointments, who will be with you for your birth, and who will support you after the birth of your baby.  


Rogue midwifery services include:


  • Preconception counseling.  Planning to conceive, have questions about nutrition, or just want to interview our midwives to consider care with us?  Schedule a FREE hour-long appointment, bring your questions, and get to know us!


  • Prenatal care.  Every appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes of face-to-face time with your midwife!  This allows time to discuss questions and/or concerns and builds a trusting relationship.  We offer the same prenatal testing, laboratory work, and ultrasounds utilized by Obstetricians with respect to your informed choice about each procedure.  Appointments are scheduled once a month up to 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until birth.  We are on-call and available by phone for you 24 hours a day during your care with us.​ We offer Pre to Postnatal Massage for an additional fee.

  • Co-managed care and/or partial care.  Our midwives can care for you in addition to another care provider in certain circumstances.  Co-managed care is a great, safe way to have a natural, low-risk birth.  Planning to move during your pregnancy or just not decided where you would like to birth?  We can see you for part of your prenatal care and provide records for you to relocate.  Have a safe and healthy beginning to your pregnancy with us until you make the decision where to birth, or transfer to our care anytime during your prenatal period (with proof of care if late in pregnancy).  

  • Labor and Birth.  When labor begins, you and your midwife will determine when it's appropriate to come in.  We monitor medical, physical, emotional, and social health throughout your labor and birth and will encourage you to hydrate and eat when hungry. Care provided by experienced, skilled, licensed midwives and their assistants (your birth team) lasts the duration of labor and birth, and at least six hours postpartum.  Waterbirth, a gentle birth option, is also available. We encourage you to explore the option of bringing a doula for additional support.  

  • Postpartum care.  Immediate postpartum care is provided by one or more members of your birth team.  When family bonding begins, we will step into the kitchen and prepare a hot meal to serve you and your partner in bed.  All your care in the first 6 days after birth happens in your home. We then see you in the office at one, two, four, and six weeks postpartum. We continue to be available by phone and will see moms and babies more often if they need extra help breastfeeding or need extra attention for any other reason. Our practice performs a Newborn Hearing Screen, Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screen, and encourages and offers Oregon Lab Newborn Screening. At 6-8 weeks postpartum, we will offer a well-woman exam including breast exam and a pap smear if desired, appropriate lab work and educate you on family planning options. Our midwives are experts in Natural Fertility Awareness, but can also make recommendations for pharmaceutical birth control.​  **We offer Placenta Encapsulation Services as well!!  

  • Educational classes.  We love to educate families on pregnancy, labor, natural birth, breastfeeding, and natural parenting.  Join us for these classes in-person or online (coming soon) to prepare for this new exciting stage of your life!  Class enrollment at Rogue Birth Center LLC is open anyone in the community.  NOW OFFERING: Child and Infant CPR quarterly, open to anyone in the community (call to register).  

  • Weekly Mom & Me group.  Join one of the Rogue midwives every Thursday at 11:30 for a weekly group of like-minded moms with your baby and grow community!  Open discussions about all that happens from birth through the first year.  Our Mom & Me group is open to anyone in the community and also offers free baby weight-checks, newborn hearing screenings, breastfeeding and cloth diapering support, and natural remedy recommendations.  

  • Lending media.  Come browse our shelves for books and dvds on conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting, and family bonding.  We offer these books to be checked-out and always welcome donations! 

  • Midwifery student training.  Rogue Birth Center LLC is committed to ensuring the continuation of the profession of midwifery. We therefore serve as a training site for student midwives and welcome students locally as well as all over the United States to train at our birth center!  

  • Association members.  We maintain memberships with the Chamber of Commerce, Oregon Association of Birth Centers, Oregon Midwifery Council, Breastfeeding Coalition of Josephine County, Southern Oregon Perinatal Task Force, Southern Oregon Birth Connections, Midwives Alliance of North America, National Association of Certified Professional Midwives, Citizens for Midwifery, The Big Push for Midwives, American Association of Birth Centers, and North American Registry of Midwives.