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Southern Oregon's premiere Community Birthcenter

Nestled in a comfortable home complete with warm wood floors, raised garden beds, fruit trees and vines, and a multitude of flowers.  Two porches to relax on outside and comfortable family area inside.  We are the only freestanding, CPM-owned, Community Birthcenter facility in Southern Oregon. With two birth suites, practitioner room, reception and lounging area, full kitchen, lab and laundry facility, and private midwife/student apartment Rogue Birth Center LLC's facility offers comfort and truly personalized care to families.  Both spa-like birth suites have comfortable beds featuring luxury linens, oversized waterbirth tubs, on-suite showers and facilities complete with extra-soft towels and spa robe, birth ball &/or peanut ball, WIFI, bluetooth speaker, oil diffuser, TV capable of connecting a smart device to for private viewing, individual heating & cooling capability, and toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and lotion).  

RBC’s Community Birthcenter was built upon the belief that childbirth is not an illness and should not be treated as such. We provide a comfortable and stress-free space that is safe, comfortable, and drug/intervention free in a spa-like setting where midwives will provide family-centered care to low risk pregnant women. Midwives adhere to the "wellness" model of birth, which means they provide continuous supportive care with true informed choice while acknowledging pregnancy is a life-changing adventure.  Midwives aim to empower women and make them partners in the decision making process of their birthing experience; eat if you are hungry, move about and spend time in a tub or shower as you wish, and push in whatever positions are most comfortable. Unlike a hospital setting, midwives recognize and honor that the mother knows what her body needs to give birth!  


RBC’s Community Birthcenter is an open-model birthcenter, meaning throughout pregnancy clients will see their chosen midwife for their care.  Many families are served by dedicated Rogue Midwives but as an open-model birthcenter, families may also choose to seek care with any licensed midwife and reserve a birth suite at RBC for birth. When labor begins, your midwifery team will meet you at the birthcenter (just as they would at a homebirth). Your midwife will be the one to care for you, according to your birth plan. RBC has dedicated birthcenter midwives seeing clients, all of whom birth at the birthcenter therefore a RESERVATION should be made in early-to-mid-pregnancy for a birth suite to ensure availability.


**Rogue Birth Center LLC is an OHP Community Birth Medicaid-licensed facility, with dedicated OHP Medicaid provider midwives.

**Rogue Birth Center LLC is a contracted provider with Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) with dedicated CHM provider midwives.  

Living Room 2
Heirloom Roses
Lavender and Butterflies in the Garden
Eydis 2
Eydis Suite 1
Birth Tub
Birth Tub
Sibling Table
Heirloom Roses
Freya 1
Birth Tub
Birth Art
Fig Trees
Tree of Life 2016
Pear Tree
Living Room 1
Front Porch
Birth Art
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